Williams Partners Faces Delay of Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Construction

Proposed Atlantic Sunrise Project Route  ( Williams )

Proposed Atlantic Sunrise Project Route (Williams)

Williams Partners faces another delay on its $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project after a federal group pushed back a public comment period related to the pipeline’s route.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had originally set its deadline to finalize an environmental review of the project for October 21 but recently pushed back the public comment period on the route to November 14 so communities have more time to consider the pipeline’s route through Pennsylvania.

The 200-mile pipeline project would be an extension on the Transco Pipeline system that runs from the Gulf of Mexico to New York City. Further, it would carry natural gas out of shale formations in the eastern U.S.

The company has been expecting a final approval from the commission by early 2017 in order to start service on the line by late 2017.

Evaluations are currently being made on an updated schedule for the commission’s environmental review.

Williams experienced a previous setback on the project when it asked FERC back in March of 2015 to issue a final order by April, 2016 in order to bring the system online by July, 2017.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Brandon Barnes, the delay adds uncertainty to the project.

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