West Chester Holds Divided Hearing Over Sunoco Proposed Pipeline

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Segment Map via Sunoco Logistics

Approximately 250 people met in West Chester, Pennsylvania to hold a hearing about Sunoco Logistic’s Mariner East II Pipeline, also known as the Pennsylvania Pipeline Project.

At the gathering, which occurred at West Chester University, 40 people signed up to speak: 19 against the pipeline, 19 for the pipeline, and 2 neutral speakers.

Those opposed to the controversial pipeline have challenged the pipeline many times, adding that the line will contribute to climate change. Supporters are in favor of the line because they believe it will bring work to the area.

Wednesday’s hearing was one of five public hearings on the pipeline that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has organized throughout the month as they want to provide several opportunities for the public to provide substantial and relevant comments to help assist in the department’s technical review.

The Mariner East II Pipeline is designed to carry liquid fuels from the Marcellus Shale to Marcus Hook and is an expansion of the existing Mariner East Pipeline.

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