Vermont Gas Gains Approval for Pipeline Construction in Town Park

Geprags Park in Hinesburg, Vermont. Photo source:

Geprags Park in Hinesburg, Vermont. Photo source:

Vermont Gas Systems and the city of Hinesburg, Vermont concluded its board meeting on Thursday that resulted in the approval of a natural gas pipeline to run through Geprags Park.

The local park in Hinesburg was Vermont Gas Systems’ last hurdle for approval in order to start construction on a 41-mile natural gas pipeline that will run from Colchester to Addison County.

The utility is still waiting for approval from the state Public Service Board regarding concerns about wetlands, but it says it has made large steps in receiving the town’s approval.

An important factor of the agreement is Vermont Gas Systems’ use of horizontal drilling, which has less impact on surface lands.

"This agreement brings important value to the town and allows the company to move forward with construction in Geprags," Vermont Gas said in a statement.

In the deal, Hinesburg will receive $250,000 and Vermont Gas will be required to get a performance bond, which guarantees the project will be completed.