Third Pipeline Company Reports Data System Shutdown Due to Potential Cyberattack

Pipeline company Oneok Inc. reported Tuesday that its electronic system for communicating with customers has stopped working, the third company to report a similar shutdown this week due to potential cyberattacks.

The cyberattack did not affect flow on Oneok's natural gas pipelines, which span across the Permian Basin in Texas and the Rocky Mountain region.

Energy Transfer Partners and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners reported similar breakdowns to their communication systems on Monday but noted that their pipeline operations have not been affected in any way.

The systems that have been hit by potential cyberattacks help pipeline customers communicate their needs with operators via digital document exchanges.

Rae McQuade, president of the North American Energy Standards Board in Houston, said that although the attacks are not affecting the operations of pipelines or public safety, they are causing companies to have to find a workaround for communication.

The Department of Homeland Security said Monday that it is gathering information on the latest potential intrusion and shutdown.

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