Five-Year Cleanup of 840,000-gallon Oil Pipeline Spill Wraps Up in North Dakota

A North Dakota farm family affected by a 2013 oil spill that leaked some 840,000 gallons of oil across their wheat field is finally ready to plant for the first time after nearly five years of cleanup work.

The spill came from a pipeline owned by former Tesoro, which is now Andeavor, who said lightning may have struck the line and caused the pipeline rupture in northern North Dakota near the Canadian border in 2013.

The spill came to affect about 14 acres of land and has cost the pipeline company $93 million in cleanup efforts. The original cost estimate of cleanup was about $4 million.

The pipeline company said the spill did not affect water sources or any wildlife.

The farm family told reporters it hopes to plant a cover crop this year on the spill-affected area to put nutrients back into the soil in order to encourage a cash crop next year.

The Andeavor spill has been called one of the largest onshore spills in U.S. history.

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Pipeline Operator Andeavor Logistics to Buy Rival Western Refining Logistics for $1.5 Billion

Pipeline operator Andeavor Logistics announced Monday it will buy Western Refining Logistics for $1.5 billion as part of its goal to expand into the Permian Basin and New Mexico.

Andeavor, formerly known as Tesoro Corp, also purchased Western Refining Inc. for $4.1 billion back in June and acquired a non-controlling stake in Westerin Refining Logistics as part of the deal.

Andeavor will now acquire Western Refining Logistics' crude oil pipelines and gathering assets in the Permian Basin and West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

Just last week the El Paso-based pipeline operator announced plans to construct a $225 million crude oil pipeline in the Delaware Basin and expects the pipeline to begin commercial service in mid-2018.


Andeavor Corp to Build $225 Million Crude Oil Pipeline in Delaware Basin

Andeavor Corp, formerly Tesoro Corp, plans to build a $225 million crude oil pipeline in the Delaware Basin.

In its first phase, the 130-mile Conan Crude Gathering Pipeline system will be able to transport 250,000 barrels per day. It will begin in Loving County and Lea County, New Mexico and connect with other pipelines in Loving County, according to a statement.

In its second phase, the pipeline could double to 500,000 barrels per day of capacity.

Western Refining, which Andeavor acquired for $4 billion in June, started an open season for the Conan pipeline system in May.

Andeavor expects the pipeline to begin commercial service in mid-2018.

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