Deal Signed to Supply More Natural Gas to New York State by Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co, a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan has signed a deal with New York utility company Con Edison that will allow it to supply greater volumes of natural gas to upstate New York.

By upgrading its compression facilities outside of the New York, Tennessee Gas Pipeline would provide the increased natural gas capacity to Con Edison's distribution system in Westchester County, New York.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline already supplies natural gas to the rural county just north of New York City but the upgrades are expected to boost volumes in Con Edison's distribution system. The increased capacity could be placed in service by November 2023, which is subject to regulatory approvals.

Through this deal, it will boosts the natural gas supplies without having to build a new pipeline as New York State has blocked pipelines companies from building new natural gas pipelines or expanding existing ones within the state.


Kinder Morgan Responds to Alleged Lawsuit, Looks to Remediate Damages

Kinder Morgan responded to a proposed class action lawsuit claiming that there were numerous misstatements in the filed petition.

The company faces a proposed class action lawsuit claiming that one of their divisions emitted chemicals and toxic gas causing damage to property and resulting in the deaths of animals.

Kinder Morgan said that they will continue working with the landowners to remediate any impacts to their property, however an emailed statement says that its unit was aware of seven landowners in close proximity that were affected by the “mist” rather than the petition’s alleged “thousands of people” being impacted.

The petition was filed on Dec. 17 by a Texas-based resident who also requested class certification against the company and its Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company Unit, all while petitioning other land owners.

The plaintiff claims that the pipeline, which transports natural gas from Louisiana to the northeast section of the United States, released at least 565,000 cubic feet of toxic gas and other chemicals.

According to the petition, the plaintiffs are seeking compensation of at least $5 million.


Environmental Impact Report Required by MEPA for Tennessee Gas Pipeline Project

Tennessee Gas Pipeline must prepare an Environmental Impact Report for its natural gas expansion project in Agawam and Longmeadow, the Baker admiration has ruled.

Tennessee, a Kinder Morgan subsidiary, would like to increase its compressor station as well as build a new 12-inch two-mile pipeline loop in Agawam. It would also like to construct a “West Longmeadow Meter Station,” which is a delivery gate that would feed a new Columbia Gas pipeline backbone to Spring field.

A signed certificate on Aug. 17 under the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act requires better information regarding pollution, rare species and wetlands, and other construction and climate related protocols.

The Agawam project would alter 25 new acres and affect many of the elements discussed by the signed certificate. It would also have certain air quality and climate impacts that the state has not adequately described yet.

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FERC Approves Kinder Morgan Pipeline Conversion to Carry Natural Gas Liquids

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved a request to convert a portion of the 70-year-old Tennessee Gas Pipeline from carrying natural gas to natural gas liquids.

964 miles of the Kinder Morgan-operated pipeline will be converted to natural gas liquids. This portion runs from Louisiana to northeast Ohio and passes through several Kentucky counties as well as over Herrington Lake.

In its recently released statement, FERC said the conversion does not constitute a major federal action that will significantly affect the quality of the human environment.

The conversion is estimated to cost about $412 million.

The Tennessee Gas Pipeline is an approximately 11,800-mile system that transports natural gas from Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico and south Texas to the northeast section of the U.S.

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Kinder Morgan Pitching Possible Natural Gas Pipeline in Northeast

Kinder Morgan is pitching future natural gas pipeline capacity in the Northeast a year after its Northeast Energy Direct pipeline was terminated due to inadequate customer commitments.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline, a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, suggested tentative plans for new infrastructure in New York and New England when it announced an open season in May for new capacity that could be in place by November 2018.

The additional capacity would address the needs of local distribution companies that are unable to fully serve their customers, according to a Kinder Morgan spokesperson.

No specific plan has been established as Kinder Morgan continues to determine the level of customer interested in additional gas service, but the company could provide increased capacity by either new compression or pipeline facilities, reserved capacity, or building other facilities or modifications.


FERC Extends Time Needed to Review Proposed Pipeline Conversion

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced that it will take more time to complete a full environmental review of a proposed conversion of Kinder Morgan’s Tennessee Gas Pipeline.

FERC’s original deadline was set for September 2, but the commission has extended its deadline to November 2 in order to require additional time for review of the conversion.

Kinder Morgan wants to sell the line to an affiliate who would convert it to transport natural gas liquids instead of natural gas, which would also reverse the flow from northbound to southbound.

Some communities are concerned about a conversion change on a pipeline that was built in 1944, saying the conversion could risk safety and negatively impact the environment.

The Tennessee Gas Pipeline runs a total of 11,800 miles and currently transports gas from the Gulf of Mexico to the northeast area of the United States, including New York City and Boston.

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Communities Request Broader Study of Kentucky Pipeline Proposal

Communities are requesting that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) conduct a more thorough review of a proposed Kinder Morgan project that would carry natural gas liquids through an aging pipeline in Kentucky.

These groups, such as a Central Kentucky economic development organization, a state Senator, and a religious congregation, have asked for an “environmental impact statement,” or EIS, on the project after believing the scheduled FERC assessment of the project scheduled for September 2 lacks transparency and should be more comprehensive.

The project is sought by Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, an affiliate of Kinder Morgan, who propose to abandon more than 950 miles of natural gas pipeline from Louisiana to Ohio and to then start shipping liquids through the World-War-II-era pipe. The repurposed line would run about 256 miles through Kentucky and also cross under a lake that provides drinking water to communities in the center of the state.

Several affected city governments have called for a broader environmental study and expressed concerns about the pipeline’s path through Herrington Lake.

An economic development group is requesting an EIS because the report would provide extensive objective data, such as how the project affects drinking supplies.

Kinder Morgan spokeswoman Melissa Ruiz said in a statement that the company is still waiting on regulators to decide if the project warrants such an environmental study.

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