67 Miles of New Pipeline to Be Constructed by WBI Energy in North Dakota

WBI Energy, Inc. is planning on approximately 67 miles of new pipeline construction, compression and ancillary facilities to transport natural gas from core Bakken production areas in western North Dakota to an interconnection point with Northern Border Pipeline.

The proposed North Bakken Expansion Project would provide 200 million cubic feet per day of natural gas transportation capacity.

Construction on the project is expected to begin in early 2021 and be completed late that year, depending on regulatory and environmental permitting and finalization of transportation agreements with customers.

The project is estimated to cost $220 million and will be designed using 20-inch diameter pipeline.

"We are excited to grow our pipeline system to meet the natural gas transportation needs in the Bakken region," said Trevor J. Hastings, President and CEO of WBI Energy. "We are working with our customers to meet these needs as the industry focuses on reducing natural gas flaring while growing production volumes."

The project will start near Tioga, North Dakota, and will extend to a new connection with Northern Border Pipeline in McKenzie County, North Dakota.

Once completed, the project could be expanded to provide transportation capacity of up to 375 million cfd.

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Kinder Morgan Adds Exxon Mobil as Major Customer for Permian Highway Pipeline

Kinder Morgan has added on Exxon Mobil as a major customer for its planned $2 billion Permian Highway Pipeline that will carry natural gas from West Texas to the Houston region.

Exxon is looking for more outlets to transport its natural gas from the rapidly increasing Permian Basin production. A lot of valuable associated gas comes out of the Permian despite crude oil being the main focus of production.

Kinder Morgan proposed the Permian Highway Pipeline project in June as they partnered with Midland-based EagleClaw Midstream. Eagle claw is financially backed by the private equity giant Blackstone Group out of New York.

The goal is to have the pipeline open by the end of 2020. Route details are still being finalized, but the main uses for the project include supplying gas for electricity generation in Texas and Mexico as well as supplying new liquefied natural gas export complexes currently under construction in Freeport and Corpus Christi.

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U.S. Northeast Needs More NatGas Pipelines to Relieve Highest Electricity Rates, Report Says

If more natural gas pipelines are not built to serve the U.S. Northeast, the region will continue to pay the nation's highest electricity rates with no relief in sight, according to a report released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for 21st Century Energy on Monday.

Arduous legal challenges and political opposition are blocking pipeline projects in the Northeast that could help increase capacity to the region from shale formations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and elsewhere, according to the report.

Blocking pipeline construction to serve the Northeast is also costing the region more than 78,000 jobs generating $4.4 million in salaries, the report said.

As more producers focus on natural gas versus crude due to cheaper prices and cleaner emission, the Northeast "will find themselves increasingly starved of the energy needed to power the economy," said Institute President Karen A. Harbert.

Some pipeline projects that intended to serve the Northeast but were clobbered by pipeline opponents include the Constitution Pipeline and the Access Northeast pipeline.

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