Energy Transfer’s Natural Gas Pipeline Ruptures in Missouri

Panhandle Eastern’s fiery rupture of a natural gas line lit up the early-morning sky about one mile north of Mexico, Missouri on Sunday. This will limit the capacity while repairs are being done, Energy Transfer said in a notice.

The rupture took place downstream from the Centralia Compressor Station and occurred about 120 miles from St. Louis. Although the rupture didn’t cause serious injuries, it did interrupt power to several homes, the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office noted in a Facebook post.

It took about 40 minutes for the fire to burn the remaining gas and extinguish itself. The flames were so intense that the crews weren't able to battle the blaze when they first arrived, said Little Dixie Fire Protection District Fire Chief Steve Gentry.

In order to clear the debris blown into the air by the explosion, Missouri 15 highway was closed for several hours. The highway was repaired and utility crews replaced several poles and lines. The cause of the explosion is unknown.


TransCanada Restarts Keystone Oil Pipeline After Recent Leak in Missouri

A section of TransCanada’s Keystone oil pipeline has been restarted after a leak of about 43 barrels of crude occurred in Missouri earlier this month forcing the company to shut service on the pipe, company spokesman Terry Cunha said.

Keystone pipeline system allows the flow of 590,000 bpd taking Canadian crude from northern Alberta to refineries in the U.S. Midwest.

Following a leak of 43 barrels of crude oil, TransCanada had shut an arm of Keystone from Steele City, Nebraska to Patoka, Illinois on February 6th.

A spokesman for U.S. regulator PHMSA said that the line was restarted with a 20 percent reduction of pressure.


TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline Found to be Likely Cause of Missouri Oil Spill

TransCanada said its Keystone pipeline is the likely culprit of the Missouri oil spill that prompted a segment of the line to be shut last week.

"Preliminary investigation has led TransCanada to believe that the oil discovered in St. Charles county likely originates from the Keystone Pipeline system," a company spokesman said in an email Friday.

The 43-barrel oil leak prompted Enbridge to shut its parallel Platte crude line, before announcing that they would resume operations by last Saturday after investigations led them to be confident enough that the leak was not caused by their pipeline.

TransCanada has approximately 75 people on site to continue to excavate and safely expose the area of concern. The company spokesperson also continued to affirm that there is no threat to public safety or the environment.

PHMSA revealed that the excavation won’t be completed until Sunday.


Enbridge Shuts Down Oil Pipeline after 365 Barrel Leak in Missouri

Enbridge announced Monday that it shut down its Ozark pipeline in Lawrence, Missouri after a release of about 365 barrels, or 15,330 gallons, of light oil.

On Saturday a leak detection alarm went off and notified workers of a potential release on the Ozark pipeline, also known as Line 51, at the Lawrence Pump Station.

Most of the leak was contained on Enbridge property, but some made its way to a drainage area about 2,000 from the station's fence. This oil has also been contained, according to Enbridge spokeswoman Jennifer Smith.

The cause of the spill is unknown, but an investigation is underway. Cleanup efforts are also ongoing.

The Ozark pipeline was built in the 1950s and was acquired by Enbridge when the operator bought Shell Pipeline company in 2005. The pipeline moves oil from Cushing, Oklahoma to Wood River, Illinois.

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No Injuries Occurred From Fire After Gas Pipeline Rupture, Pipeline Segment Isolated

No injuries occurred after a fire erupted from a ruptured gas pipeline north of Kansas City, Missouri, according to authorities.

A pipeline owned by Enterprise Products Partners that carries ethane and propane ruptured, causing a fire to erupt on Tuesday evening in Platte County, Missouri. The fire was later put out.

Enterprise Products Partners, who owns the pipeline’s operator Mid-America Pipeline Company said the affected segment of the pipeline has been isolated and that an investigation of the cause of rupture is currently ongoing.