Flash Fire at Summit Midstream Hereford Plant Injures 3 Workers

Following a flash fire that occurred shortly after 9 am on Wednesday at Summit Midstream’s Hereford Ranch Plant in northern Weld County, three people were taken to area hospitals.

The plant is located in the 67500 block of Weld County Road 71. Denver7 reported that two helicopters and at least one ambulance responded to the scene and two out of the three contractors were thought to be in critical condition.

Blake Motley, spokesman for Summit Midstream, said in an email to The Tribune that three contractors were working on a compressor when the fire ignited and all three contractors were taken to area hospitals for treatment of burns. The fire is under investigation.


Injured Welder in Sunoco Fire Files Lawsuit

A worker injured by a flash fire that occurred last Friday at a Texas refinery is suing Sunoco Logistics and Carber, accusing the companies of causing the explosion.

Welder for L-Con Inc. Edward Galvan is one of seven who were injured at the Sunoco crude oil refinery near Beaumont, Texas and subsequently hospitalized for burns from a liquid fire.

Sunoco told the L-Con workers to “conduct welding operations on two flanges on a closed line at the facility,” according to the court papers. The lawsuit writes that Sunoco represented the line to be "clean, clear, and ready for work.”

According to the lawsuit, pressure began inside the line as Galvan and other L-Con employees began to work. A plug designed and installed by Carber failed and was ejected from the line. Crude oil within the line then ignited and caused a flash fire.

The suit states that Galvan’s welding mask was knocked off from the explosion, exposing his face to the liquid fire. The fire also covered his neck and upper chest.

According to the lawsuit, Galvan was able to jump from the scaffold to prevent the possibility of having “been burned alive.”

He, along with two other workers, were helicoptered to Memorial Hermann’s burn unit, and the remaining four workers were taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

Galvan is seeking a lawsuit to “recover for injuries sustained as a result of this incident,” according to the lawsuit.

Houston Chronicle