Best Selling Author and Former U.S. Navy SEAL Officer to Give Leadership Workshop for Pipeliners

Leif Babin, a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer and co-author of #1 New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win, will be in Stafford, TX at Blue Sky University (BSU).

Leif will be in attendance with Mike Bajema, a retired U.S. Army officer who also served in Iraq. Both will be giving workshops and keynote presentations.

“BSU, is a pipeline leadership conference that connects the entire industry”, said CEO of Blue Sky Evolution.

“It’s our way of saying thank you to the industry while giving the next generation of leaders a platform to learn from the best leaders out there.”

“There will be industry leaders as usual. We’re talking some very experienced presenters. We just wanted to do something different in our sixth year, so we made sure we brought in five-star leaders from outside the industry too.”

The conference is set to start on April 23 and end on April 25th. It will take place in Stafford, TX at the Stafford Centre.

“We’re excited. It’s a healthy mix of the latest and best technology, and the best leadership advice for everyone in the industry.”

BSU Pipeline

Pipeline Industry Must Embrace Analytics, Digital Transformation to Move Forward

As U.S. oil production breaks records this year, the industry must focus on content, analytics, and digital transformation to maximize potential, according to the founder of the Global Trade & Development Group Mark Stansberry.

Energy companies are starting to grow again after long periods of layoffs during a significant market glut, which means the industry will have to prepare the next generation of workers and the general public by embracing and providing fact-based data and analytics, said Stansberry.

"We are going to be left behind if we don't step up on data collections, data content, and have it analyzed," he said.

Technology-driven change has increased rapidly in the industry, but it's still not where it needs to be, according to Stansberry. Midstream and pipeline companies need to be investing in robotics, drones, and cybersecurity, among other technological transformations.

Oil prices are not significantly moving anytime soon, so energy companies need to be aware of how they are doing business and how they are implementing digital transformation into their processes as a way to become "better and more efficient," said Joey Mechelle Stenner, director of the Tulsa-based Pipeline & Energy Expo conference.

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BSD Consulting Hosts Third Annual Blue Sky University

Attendees at Blue Sky University round up for the raffle on Tuesday, May 17, 2016.

Pipeline software company BSD Consulting hosted its third annual Blue Sky University (BSU) conference last Monday through Wednesday in Sugar Land, Texas.

This three-day conference evolved from an idea to a reality in the summer of 2014, achieving its purpose to educate and lead those in the pipeline industry toward their next tier of success.

BSD Consulting aimed to make a large focus of BSU 2016 the urgency of safety in the industry and how to achieve that with pipeline software that will ensure traceability, verification, and completeness of all stages of pipeline data.

“The only path to safe pipeline is through good pipeline data. The tools are available. The data is available. Both must be used intelligently and in conjunction in order to ensure safety,” reported BSD Consulting’s VP of Operations Jacob Ramirez in his welcome note to the BSU attendees.

The attendance represented great colors of the industry, bringing together operators, engineers, surveyors, and industry veterans all in pursuit of the same goal: to improve and strengthen the pipeline industry.

While learning about the latest and greatest technology in pipeline, the attending organizations also capitalized their time to network and to open their ears to the industry leaders for mentorship.

“I think the greatest outcomes for our team is the networking opportunities and to hear what is trending or new in the industry. I really enjoyed the leadership council and feel they have so much to offer young leaders in the industry,” Cody Musick, Branch Manager of Open Range Field Services responded in the post-event survey.

This year’s Blue Sky University saw roughly 100 attendees, some being from Spectra Energy, ESRI, BP, Williams, and Enbridge Energy.