Ozark Crude Pipeline to Be Restarted After Damaging Storms

MPLX LP will restart its 360,000 barrels per day Ozark pipeline that runs from storage area in Cushing, Oklahoma to refineries in the Midwest, the company said last Wednesday.

Since Oklahoma has recently suffered from flooding and storms, the Ozark system was shut down last Tuesday after an operational check, the company said. Upon restart the company expects the pipeline to operate at full capacity.

Due to the bad weather and flooding in central Oklahoma, Tallgrass Energy LP was also prompted to halt all deliveries to destinations on the Pony Express Pipeline. They had to shut down the pipeline's south end segment, which runs from Sterling, Colorado, to Cushing, because of flooding on the Cimarron River.

Until the risk of flooding has been diminished, operations had been temporarily stopped at the HollyFrontier Corp refinery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company said in a statement.


Iron Horse Pipeline Receives Temporary Embargo As River Floods

Last week, Tallgrass Energy LP placed a temporary embargo of deliveries for both the Tallgrass Iron Horse Pipeline and the Pony Express Pipeline, because of the major flooding in Oklahoma on the Cimarron River.

The Iron Horse pipeline is a project between Tallgrass Energy and Silver Creek Midstream with the goal to allow access of crude oil from Powder River Basin to Guernsey, Wyoming. When operations are safe to begin again, they are to restore service. 

The flooding is causing major concerns as reports say 10 homes have fallen into the water since water levels began to rise last week.

The Cimarron River extends 698 miles across New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas.


Temporary Embargo of Deliveries for Pony Express Pipeline Segment

The south end of Pony Express pipeline system has been shut down due to an extensive flooding on the Cimarron River in Oklahoma, Tallgrass Energy LP said on Thursday.

The company has provided notice of a temporary embargo of deliveries for the shut segment that runs from Sterling, Colorado through to Cushing, Oklahoma, a Tallgrass Energy spokeswoman said.

The Pony Express pipeline has a capacity of 320,000 barrels per day and starts in Guernsey, Wyoming, and flows southeast to Cushing, Oklahoma.

“We will restart operations as soon as the weather permits,” she added.