Pipeline Companies Fight to Keep Tax Breaks on Construction Project Costs

Pipeline companies are asking House Republican leaders to adjust the tax reform bill that would drastically shrink tax breaks and limit how much interest they can deduct from borrowing costs on construction projects.

As Congress nears a critical vote on the legislation, pipeline companies are fighting to maintain the tax breaks that allow them to deduct from the borrowing costs of construction projects that take them years to permit and build.

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, which has representatives from pipeline companies like Enbridge and Kinder Morgan, sent a letter House Republican leaders asking them to adjust a provision in the bill that would limit how much they can deduct.

The association wrote that failure to maintain the current deduction limit could result in higher cost of capital for pipeline and other infrastructure projects in the future, which would also raise energy costs for consumers.

Senate and House Republicans hope to send the legislation to President Trump to sign before the end of the year.

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Chevron Pipeline Break Spills 4,800 Gallons of Oil into Colorado Stream

Chevron representatives and industry regulators on Tuesday confirmed a pipeline leak in northwestern Colorado that spilled about 4,800 gallons of oil into a waterway.

The spill from the six-inch crude pipeline operated by Chevron was found on March 5 by a company consultant, and the cause of failure is currently under investigation.

When the break occurred, oil spilled about two miles downstream along a tributary of Stinking Water Creek near Rangely, Colorado, according to state and federal officials.

The spill was stopped on March 7 by a dam that had been installed downstream as a way to contain spills from the pipeline should they occur.

The Colorado Department of Natural Resources said the failed section of the pipeline is currently being analyzed to determine the cause of the break.


Colonial Pipeline Searches for Suspected Spill, Shut Pipeline Down as Precaution

Colonial Pipeline Company's Line 19, a gasoline line between Atlanta and Nashville, is still shut after a spill on the line was suspected on Sunday, causing the company to shut down the line as a precaution.

According to a notice sent to shippers on Sunday, the line was shut down after gasoline odors were reported to the Chattanooga Fire Department. The company also shut down their Line 20, a distillates line, as a precaution. Since Sunday, however, Line 20 has been restarted.

Colonial Pipeline crews are still searching for what Chattanooga Fire Department assistant chief Danny Hague called a "very small" leak. Workers have excavated parts of the line for inspection, and a skimmer truck is near the scene in case workers need to quickly suck oil out of water.

Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline Company delivers more than 100 million gallons of gasoline and other refined petroleum products to 13 states in the eastern U.S. as well as the District of Columbia.

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Seaway Pipeline in Cushing Temporarily Shut After Oil Spill

Seaway Pipeline Map (  Seaway Pipeline  )

Seaway Pipeline Map (Seaway Pipeline)

Pipeline developers temporarily shut down service on an oil pipeline system in Cushing, Oklahoma after an oil spill occurred on the line late Sunday night.

An older section of the Seaway pipeline, a joint venture between Enterprise Products Partners and Enbridge that delivers oil to the Texas Gulf Coast, was shut down as a precaution after officials detected a leak of an undisclosed amount of oil that did not cause any injuries, fires, and was not a threat to the public.

According to Seaway Crude Pipeline Co., the spill occurred in an industrial area of Cushing near Linwood Avenue and Texaco Drive. The spill occurred on Enbridge property only and has been contained in a retention pond at Enbridge’s facility.

Seaway said in a news release that the company is continuing to make efficient progress in cleaning up the spill, using vacuum trucks to recover the crude.

The amount of oil spilled will not be disclosed until cleanup efforts are complete, according Enterprise Products Partners.

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