Surerus Murphy Has Begun Hiring For Kamloops Section Of Trans Mountain Pipeline

While they are still waiting on approval, Calgary-based contractor, Surerus Murphy, has begun searching for workers to assist in construction on the 5A section of a pipeline, the Kamloops and Merritt pieces. According to Heather Eddy, company director of Human Resources and development, construction is estimated to take around 30 to 34 months.

Heather stated, “when we’re fully ramped up we’ll have over 600 people working on our section of the pipeline,” and that they “really do intend to hire as many local and Indigenous employees as possible.”

The hiring process for some of the upper level positions within leadership and administration as well as the search for sub-contractors has already begun.

The start date, as well as specific job numbers for the project, are still unknown. However majority of jobs available will be for laborers and operators. Other various jobs needed will be mechanics, welders, environmental advisers, health and safety personnel, human resource and procurement specialists. Heather Eddy and her team are currently taking resumes for all positions in order to keep on file for when they are ready to start hiring.

Surerus Murphy will require all workers for the project to be trained in pipeline construction safety through a classroom course that is normally around $100 to $125.

Source: Kamploops Matters