SkyX Drone Company Visions Expansion in Texas Oil and Gas Market

In hopes to expand its presence in Texas, an Ontario-based SkyX drone company specializing in performing oil and natural gas pipeline inspections has set up shop in downtown Houston. Live demonstrations of the company's technology will be provided through a test facility the company plans on opening in the Houston area.

"I admire the innovation and impact that SkyX has delivered and the company-wide dedication to offering the most effective solutions to midstream and other long-range assets the world over," a company executive said in a statement. "I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the success and expansion of this impressive company."

SkyX drones can be used to inspect pipelines and provide high-quality visual data along their routes that can be used for surveying right-of-way or detecting leaks and corrosion. When paired with specialized cameras fixed to its drones, the company's proprietary software can detect anomalies such as ground depressions and cracks, large corrosion patches on above-ground pipelines and above-ground pools of oil resulting from a leak.