Rangeland Energy RIO Pipeline Now in Service

Map of the RIO System ( Rangeland Energy )

Map of the RIO System (Rangeland Energy)

Texas-based Rangeland Energy’s RIO Pipeline is now in commercial service for shippers who transport crude oil and condensate production to market from the Delaware Basin.

Rangeland’s pipeline starts at the RIO State Line Terminal in Loving County, Texas near the Texas-New Mexico border and will move crude oil to Rangeland’s Geneva and Zurich terminal in Midland, Texas. The pipeline stretches for 110 miles and has the capacity to transport 125,000 barrels per day.

“Rangeland has placed a very high priority on providing takeaway service and optionality to all customers active in the basin,” Rangeland Energy Chief Executive Officer and President Chris Keene said.

He added that the company is pleased to commission the RIO pipeline in the Delaware Basin, the most “active and prolific basin in the U.S."

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