Protests Cause NEB to Cancel Hearing on Energy East Pipeline

The National Energy Board (NEB) on Monday cancelled their hearing in Montreal on the proposed Energy East pipeline after protestors stormed the room and caused disruption near its start.

Soon after the protestors interrupted the proceedings, the NEB commissioners left the room, and police entered to remove the protestors. At least two protestors were arrested, according to CBC News.

Outside the board meeting was a group of nearly 200 people, some there to support the pipeline and some there to protest. Supporters were heard chanting “we want to work,” while protestors were heard countering the shouts with the words “we want to drink water.”

The NEB has scheduled future hearings in other cities regarding TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline and plans to hear from speakers who are both for and against the project.

The board is expected to submit its report on the pipeline by March of 2018 after which the federal cabinet will formally decide the fate of the pipeline project.

TransCanada's Energy East pipeline is a proposed project that will carry crude oil 4,600km (2,858mi) from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada.

CBC News