Protestors Urge California Governor to Shut Down Aliso Canyon Gas Facility

Aliso Canyon Facility, By Scott L from Los Angeles, United States of America - 1_D4C1832, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Southern California communities on Wednesday will rally at the state Capitol as an act to urge Governor Jerry Brown to permanently shut down the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility that experienced a gas blowout last fall, forcing thousands of people out of their homes.

The rally comes after Governor Jerry Brown supported a Senate bill that would grant Southern California Gas Company permission to restart operations at the facility once the gas wells pass safety tests.

The protestors have been on edge since the blowout last fall that forced the entire Porter Ranch community to evacuate, leaving some of them with headaches, nausea, and nosebleeds. Those who oppose the gas facility believe that a permanent shutdown of Aliso Canyon would mean safer conditions for their families.

Southern California Gas has reported that after several tests, the facility will be ready to open this summer and that without its operation, residents would experience power blackouts.

The Daily Progress