Plains All American Pipeline Continues Cleanup of 19,000-Gallon Oil Spill

Crews from Plains All American Pipeline are working to clean up a 19,000-gallon oil spill that was reported northwest of Oklahoma City on Friday.

Although the pipeline spill was reported Friday, the actual start date of the spill is currently unknown. Plains All American Pipeline issued a statement Tuesday saying it was still investigating the cause of the leak.

Officials believe corrosion may have caused a small hole in the pipeline, resulting in the leak.

According to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, about 70 acres of farmland were affected by the 450-barrel spill, and the oil also reached a small creek but was contained before flowing into a second creek that runs into the Cimarron River.

The commission said it would work with the EPA to test the water quality in the affected waterways to ensure they are fully recovered before signing off on the cleanup process.

Houston Chronicle