Plains All American Controls Fire and Resumes Operations of Wichita Falls Crude Storage Tank

Plains All American Pipeline said on Wednesday that the fire on a crude storage tank east of Wichita Falls, Texas was extinguished. Initially, the company did not specify if other operations were affected by the fire but the terminal and connecting pipelines have resumed operations.

Tuesday morning’s fire broke out on a roof seal of a crude oil storage tank at the Wichita Falls Station and was extinguished around midnight, the company said in a statement.

Wichita Falls is a crude injection point in north Texas along Plain’s Basin Pipeline. It runs from the Permian Basin to the oil storage hub at Cushing, Okla.

The pipeline was flowing at a rate of nearly 409,000 barrels per day at the time it was shut after decreasing in power consumption around 7:00 A.M. ET on Tuesday. It has a capacity of 450,000 bpd.