Pipeline Protestors Are Against Their Own Interests, Industry Leader Says

Protestors against Dakota Access Pipeline ( BBC )

Protestors against Dakota Access Pipeline (BBC)

A top industry official told reporters Tuesday that the protestors blocking the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline are stopping a project that would bring a cleaner burning fuel to the market and are therefore acting against their own interest.

American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Jack Gerald said the pipeline would bring natural gas to the market, which is responsible for making U.S. carbon emissions the lowest they have been in two decades.

Gerald added that the protestors have “a fundamental view that is inconsistent with where the American voter is,” citing polls that show support for increased energy production.

Blocking the project means less oil product to market, an increase in natural gas prices, and a slow in the economy, according to Gerald. He argues that the energy industry is the reason the U.S. has become the world’s leader in energy production.

The Dakota Access pipeline is being constructed by Texas-based energy company Energy Transfer and will travel through North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois bringing oil from the Bakken region to major refining markets.

Washington Examiner