PHMSA Proposes a Civil Penalty of Over $1 Million to Sunoco


PHMSA on Friday issued a Notice of Probable Violation (NOPV) and Proposed Compliance Order, and proposed $1,539,800 in civil penalties after its investigation that the operator allegedly failed to report an accident that occurred in 2013 at the West Texas Gulf Pipeline Company’s facility in Wortham, Texas, wholly owned by Sunoco Logistics Partners. 

The PHMSA Southwest Region Office of Pipeline Safety received an information request on March 4, 2015 for an alleged event at the West Texas Gulf Pipeline Company facility operated by Sunoco. The alleged accident was said to have occurred while Sunoco and its contractors were performing pipeline modifications at the facility, which resulted in a release of 0.1 barrels of crude oil and an injury that required hospitalization in February of 2013.

The PHMSA SW Region followed the information request with an investigation of the alleged accident and found 15 violations of the pipeline safety regulations related to the accident.

Read the enforcement documents resulting from the investigation here.