PHMSA Issues Third Amendment to Corrective Action Order for Santa Barbara Oil Spill

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHSMA) on Thursday issued a third amendment to the Corrective Action Order (CAO) for the Santa Barbara crude oil leak. The CAO was issued to Plains All American Pipeline as a result of the May 2015 pipeline failure in Santa Barbara, California that released approximately 2,934 barrels of crude oil.

The third amendment instructs Plains All American to complete a number of corrective actions before PHMSA will approve the restart of the failed pipeline and an adjoining pipeline. The company is required to implement tools for advanced leak detection, install more safety valves and pressure sensors, create a long-term plan for corrosion prevention, and update its Facility Response Plan for the failed and adjoining pipelines before restarting.

PHMSA is also sending out an advisory bulletin to operators around the nation to assist in informing lessons learned from the Santa Barbara oil spill.

Read the amended CAO.