Phillips 66 Partners With Tech Company to Develop Advanced Pipeline Integrity Management SaaS Solution

OneBridge Solutions is teaming up with Phillips 66 to create a pipeline integrity management cloud application designed to enable pipeline operators to manage their assets as smart infrastructure.

The application will be created by migrating Phillip 66's current pipeline data management system to a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution and integrating Machine Learning and other technologies into the app.

OneBridge, a subsidiary of OneSoft Solutions, said the development project with Phillips 66 is an important milestone for the company as it is now fulfilling its vision of developing a cloud application that enables pipeline operators to manage their pipeline assets as smart infrastructure.

OneBridge's Cognitive Integrity Management (CIM) solution made the objective achievable, according to the company, and it hopes to help advance Phillips 66's pipeline integrity platform as well as eventually provide solutions for pipeline operators that wish to accelerate their digital transformation.