PG&E Shuts Down Storage Facility After Detecting Gas Leaks

Pacific Gas and Electric Company temporarily shut down its McDonald Island facility located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta after it found small leaks of natural gas.

The leaks were first noticed by inspectors on the ground and later measured by flyovers with methane detection gear. According to the data collected from the flyovers, the gas release was low at 236 kg/hr to 763 kg/hr.

The temporary shutdown of the facility comes from raised concerns about the safety of California’s natural gas facilities after the four-month long gas leak that occurred just north of Los Angeles at a Southern California Gas Company storage field, which leaked more than 60,000 kg/hr of natural gas.

The source of the leaks is still undetermined, so out of caution, PG&E shut down the facility until they can target the source of the leaks.

According to the California company, the small leaks pose no threat to communities or the environment. The storage facility, which includes 87 wells on a man-made island, is located several miles from the nearest residential town.

Houston Chronicle