Over 30 Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors Arrested within Last Two Days

According to North Dakota authorities, more than 30 protestors have been arrested in the last two days at a Dakota Access pipeline protest site.

The arrests are taking place at a protest site north of Almont, which is located roughly 70 miles north of the main protest site near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Eight protestors were arrested on Wednesday, three of them for attaching themselves to construction equipment, according to Morton County authorities. Since the protests against the Dakota Access pipeline escalated last month in North Dakota, 69 people have been arrested for trespassing or violating property.

A section of the Dakota Access pipeline located 40 miles around Lake Oahe in North Dakota has been temporarily stopped so permits can be re-examined. Even so, protests are continuing. Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe stated Friday that they would not back down until the pipeline is completely stopped.

Morton County officials are still pursuing charges against protestors who have attached themselves to construction equipment, according to Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

Houston Chronicle