Opponents Practice National Day of Action Against Atlantic Coast Pipeline

opponents practice national day of action against atlantic coast pipeline

Opponents of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will practice a “national day of action” on Thursday, protesting not only the pipeline but also fracking and fossil fuels.

The day of protest, an event that has been called “Hands Across Our Land,” will start in Augusta, Virginia and is being sponsored by Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League.

Protestors are arguing that fossil fuels, fracking, pipelines, and other ways to extract and move natural gas, coal, and oil have negative impacts on forestland and water. Jennifer Lewis, member of a local group called Friends in Augusta, said these issues need to be addressed.

Lewis said she plans to have a chain of humans standing together during the events. She said the group is encouraging anyone and everyone show up for the protests.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been issued a regulatory review timeline by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which said the 18-month construction of the pipeline could start by September of 2017. The pipeline would run from West Virginia to North Carolina.

Dominion Resources and other industry experts say the pipeline is necessary in order to meet the electricity demands of a growing population.

Opponents to the line believe the growing demand can be met by renewable energy resources like wind and solar. Others believe that although using renewable resource is a possibility, it is not a realistic one as it would take several years for wind or solar power to meet the needs for the region.

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