Native Americans Move to Stop Proposed North Dakota Pipeline Project

Stacked pipes for the proposed Dakota Access oil pipeline. Source: AP Images/Nati Harnik

Native American tribe members and supporters lead a 500-mile horse ride to protest a planned pipeline project that will run from North Dakota to Illinois.

The protestors worry that the Dakota Access Pipeline project, put forward by Energy Transfer Partners, will contaminate water supply and infringe on their water rights, which have been guaranteed by treaties. The Dakota Access Pipeline is proposed to run through public waters, including the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

Energy Transfer Partners reported that the planned project will be safe and aid in boosting the economy.

Affiliates of the protest, comprised of members from Standing Rock Nation and areas from North and South Dakota, demand an intensive environmental impact study of the planned pipeline before going into production. Although approved by regulators of the affected states, the project has not yet been approved by an engineer from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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