National Energy Board Suspends TransCanada Pipeline Hearings

National Energy Board Offices, Calgary, Alberta ( Active History )

National Energy Board Offices, Calgary, Alberta (Active History)

The National Energy Board, Canada’s energy regulator, announced on Tuesday the suspension of Montreal hearings on TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project after protestors disrupted the beginning of the hearings on Monday.

The board added that the suspension is also due to two requests asking the board to recuse some of its members before continuing with the TransCanada pipeline hearings.

Opponents are asking that two of the three members of the board step down after it was revealed that they had previously and privately discussed the pipeline project with Quebec Premier Jean Charest, who at the time was consulting for TransCanada.

The board announced that due to both the violent protestor disruptions and the requests for recusals, it will take some time to review and will not proceed with hearings on the Energy East pipeline project until a decision is made.

The next round of hearings is scheduled for October 3-7 in Quebec.

The postponed hearings is the latest blow toward the Energy East project, which is planned to carry 1.1 million of crude oil per day from Alberta to the east coast of Canada.

TransCanada said it will wait to hear from the board for guidelines on how it will proceed.