Mysterious Burst in Texas Water Pipeline Raises Serious Concern

A water pipeline running from Lake Conroe to The Woodlands mysteriously burst last Tuesday, causing flooding at the intersection of Grogan’s Mill Road and Woodlands Parkway.

The pipeline, which was installed by San Jacinto River Authority one year ago, was expected to have a lifespan of 30 years. Stumped by the unexpected break, Groundwater Reduction Plan Division Manager Mark Smith said he plans to bring representatives from the pipe’s manufacturer to the area to investigate the cause of the burst.

The broken pipeline is part of a 50-mile project installed as a response to the state’s directive to reduce the county’s dependence on groundwater. Because the entire project is comprised of the same type of pipe, the unexpected break has raised definite concern over the integrity of the rest of the pipeline as the cause of the break remains a mystery.

The affected pipeline will remain out of service for the next week while investigations continue.

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