Minnesotans Voice Concerns Regarding Sandpiper Pipeline Delay

Proposed route of the Sandpiper Pipeline from  Enbridge

Proposed route of the Sandpiper Pipeline from Enbridge

Minnesotans voice their frustration about the state’s lack of action regarding permits for the Sandpiper pipeline that would benefit Northern Minnesota communities, according to Star Tribune.

After four years of studying the proposed Sandpiper pipeline, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has yet to reach a conclusion about issuing a permit for the project, which would carry crude oil for 616 miles from North Dakota through Minnesota to Wisconsin.

Enbridge, the developers of the proposed line, have moved onto other investments as a result, purchasing a share of the Bakken Pipeline that received its permits in just a year and a half.

Although Enbridge has not yet announced it will nix the Sandpiper project, the uncertainty of receiving permits and its investment in the Bakken Pipeline has significantly delayed the project and has given little doubt that the line may no longer be immediately necessary.

Minnesotans have noticed the lack of streamlined decisions on environmental permits from the state and want to remind their state government of the “importance of natural-resource-based industries and the thousands of good-middle class jobs, both blue- and white-collar, that are supported by development."

Star Tribune