Kinder Morgan Shuts Down Pipelines after Texas Fire


Kinder Morgan reported on Tuesday that it shut down several natural gas pipeline segments after a fire occurred near the King Ranch gas processing plant in Kleberg, Texas on Monday morning.

According to Kinder Morgan spokesman Richard Wheatley, the incident occurred in an area of a supply header where several pipeslines are connected.

There were no injuries as a result of the incident, and an investigation is said to begin once the site is judged safe to do so.

The energy company reported it is unable to locate the start of the fire but has a team onsite to attempt to gain full access to the location.

The incident affected service through Kinder Morgan’s Texas pipeline, Tejas pipeline, and Mexico-Monterrey pipeline, along with others.

Energy Transfer owns the processing plant and was not immediately available for comment. A spokesman from Williams Companies stated that its Transco line connected to the King Ranch plant was not affected by the incident.

“We are in touch with our customers and determining impacts to them,” Wheatley said.