Kinder Morgan Responds to Alleged Lawsuit, Looks to Remediate Damages

Kinder Morgan responded to a proposed class action lawsuit claiming that there were numerous misstatements in the filed petition.

The company faces a proposed class action lawsuit claiming that one of their divisions emitted chemicals and toxic gas causing damage to property and resulting in the deaths of animals.

Kinder Morgan said that they will continue working with the landowners to remediate any impacts to their property, however an emailed statement says that its unit was aware of seven landowners in close proximity that were affected by the “mist” rather than the petition’s alleged “thousands of people” being impacted.

The petition was filed on Dec. 17 by a Texas-based resident who also requested class certification against the company and its Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company Unit, all while petitioning other land owners.

The plaintiff claims that the pipeline, which transports natural gas from Louisiana to the northeast section of the United States, released at least 565,000 cubic feet of toxic gas and other chemicals.

According to the petition, the plaintiffs are seeking compensation of at least $5 million.