Howard Midstream to Construct US-Mexico Refined Pipeline

Dos Águilas Pipeline Map, credit www.

Howard Midstream Partners subsidiary Dos Águilas Pipeline is taking steps to permit, construct, and operate a new open access system of petroleum products terminals and pipelines, which will run from Corpus Christi, Texas to northern Mexico.

The 287-mile pipeline will carry gasoline, ultra-low sulfer diesel, and jet fuel from the Corpus Christi refinery to Laredo, Texas, and on to northern Mexico markets.

For regulatory purposes, the pipeline is broken down into four pipelines:
Border Express Pipeline – Corpus Christi to Laredo
Borrego Pipeline – Laredo to the US-Mexico border
Poliducto Frontera Pipeline – US-Mexico border to Nuevo Laredo
Poliducto del Norte Pipeline – Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey

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