Gasoline Pipeline Leak Detected in Alabama is Contained

Colonial Pipeline is making repairs to a gasoline pipeline leak that was discovered and reported in Shelby County, Alabama on Friday. The affected pipeline has been shut off until repairs are completed.

Workers at a mining operation discovered the leak when they smelled strong gasoline odors near the intersection of County Road 91 and Lindsey Road. They called Colonial Pipeline who confirmed the leak.

The cause of the leak is currently unknown, and the amount of gasoline spilled has not yet been determined.

Colonial Pipeline, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and the Shelby County Emergency Management Agency are all involved in assessing or managing the spill.

David Butler of the conservation group Cahaba Riverkeeper was informed of the spill by Colonial Pipeline which advised Butler on the possible effects to a nearby river. Butler expressed to reporters of that it would be “pretty extraordinary” for the spill to reach the river but that aggressive steps are being taken to protect the water.

The spilled gasoline has soaked into some soil, and some collected into a mining retention pond near the site.

Spokesman for Colonial Pipeline David York said the affected area is very remote, and the spill has been confined. No surrounding communities or waterways should be affected.