Gas Company Fined for Building Pipelines Outside of Permitted Areas

A natural gas company and a pipeline builder have been fined a total of $184,000 by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for constructing gathering pipelines outside their permit boundaries.

The DEP reported that pipeline had been built several hundred feet from where the line was supposed to be constructed as well as crossed a waterway several hundred yards away from the permitted stream crossing.

The violations were found during a routine inspection in December of 2015 when DEP employees found pipelines placed outside of permitted areas as well as a gravel road and pad for a pipeline valve that were never permitted.

CNX Gas Company, a subsidiary of Consol Energy, was fined $139,000 and CONE Midstream Partners has been assessed $45,000 for violating the Clean Streams Law and Oil and Gas Act of Pennsylvania.

Although gathering lines in rural areas are not regulated by the state or federal governments, they are required to have sediment control permits and water crossing permits from the DEP.

During inspections, the department found 20 lines operated by CNX Gas and another seven owned by Cone Midstream in southwestern Pennsylvania that were all out of compliance.

The DEP says both companies are working to bring their lines back into compliance.

State Impact - NPR