Explosion Causes Fire at Philadelphia Oil Refinery

Early Friday morning, after several explosions, a large fire broke out at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery. The explosion's blaze caused nearby homes to shake and gave minor injuries to 5 workers. Immediately, gas prices increased by 3.9 % for fear of restricted access to supplies.

The fire proved difficult to extinguish as access was limited “due to the damage and instability” of the crumbling building. Crews from the fire department continuously poured water on pipes and tanks to cool them down and workers from Philadelphia Energy Solutions teamed up to turn off the gas that was feeding the fire. Eventually, the fire department successfully extinguished the fire on Saturday afternoon.

The air in the surrounding areas was tested for 61 chemical compounds about every 3 hours after the explosion and officials stated the air was safe and that there were no immediate health threats to be concerned about.

There is still no answer as to what caused the explosion, however investigations have begun.