Evacuations Ordered for Mont Belvieu in Response to a Pipeline Leak

Mont Belvieu City Park via http://www.marekinsurance.com/mont-belvieu/

Parts of Mont Belvieu, Texas were ordered to evacuate as a precautionary measure after reports of a leak from a pipeline storage facility and a fire from another chemical plant. No injuries were reported, and there were no concerning impacts on the surrounding environment, according to officials.

Along with a small evacuation order, parts of Texas Highway 146 were temporarily shut down and rerouted because of its close proximity to the leak and fire.

The affected pipeline is located in a Mont Belvieu storage facility owned and operated by LyondellBasell’s pipeline group in the Texas Gulf Coast region. LyondellBasell said in a statement that monitors indicated a pressure build-up in a wellhead at their pipeline storage facility, which stores light hydrocarbons. Company officials worked late into Sunday to lower the pressure of the pipeline.

The cause of the fire that erupted at the nearby Lone Star facility is unknown at the time. LyondellBasell reported that the fire did not occur on their property, and they understand investigators are working to find the cause of the fire, which may be unrelated to the pipe leak.

A Lone Star spokesperson stated that updates would be provided as information becomes available.

ABC 13