Environmentalists Demand Further Review of Pipeline Replacement Project

Environmental groups in Minnesota are asking that state and federal regulators re-evaluate Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline replacement project due to alleged inconsistencies in Enbridge’s plans for the project.

According to a statement filed with the Public Utilities Commission, two environmental groups request that regulators more extensively look over Enbridge’s plans for the project and allow public comment on it as well.

Enbridge stated on its website on Line 3 that in order to maintain system integrity on the 50-year-old pipeline, 1,031 miles of the 1,097-mile crude oil pipeline must be replaced in a way that achieves this standard while also minimizes disruption to landowners and communities.

According to the project overview, the expected initial capacity of the replacement line will be 760,000 barrels per day and will cost an estimated $7.5 billion to complete.

Enbridge Inc.
Fox 21 News