Enterprise Announces Acadian Gas Pipeline System Expansion and Extension

The plan to expand and extend the Acadian natural gas system was announced by Enterprise Products Partners L.P. This project will deliver growing volumes of natural gas from the Haynesville Shale to the liquefied natural gas market in South Louisiana.

The company announced that the project will include construction of an approximately 80-mile pipeline that will originate near Cheneyville, Louisiana on Enterprise’s Acadian Haynesville Extension to third party interconnects near Gillis, Louisiana.

The company also plans to increase capacity on the Acadian Haynesville Extension by adding horsepower at its Mansfield compressor station in De Soto Parish.

Once the expansion and extension project is completed, it will increase the Acadian system’s capability to transport Haynesville natural gas production from 1.8 billion cubic feet per day to 2.1 billion cubic feet per day. The company said that the project is supported by long-term customer contracts and is expected to begin service in mid-2021.

 “The Haynesville region currently produces approximately 11 billion ft3/d of natural gas, which is expected to grow to approximately 14 billion ft3/d by 2025,” said A.J. ‘Jim’ Teague, chief executive officer of Enterprise’s general partner. “The expansion and extension of the Acadian system enhances our capability to link supply to some of the most attractive markets in the US. Once this project is completed, our Acadian system will be able to deliver a total of 2.1 billion ft3/d of Haynesville production into the LNG market, South Louisiana industrial complex and other interconnects that serve attractive southeastern US markets.”