Enbridge and Baker Hughes Enter Testing Phase of MRI-Like Sensors for Improved Pipeline Inspection

Enbridge and Baker Hughes have said that their 14-month developed sensor technology intended to inspect pipelines in a similar fashion to an MRI or ultrasound scan will enter the testing phase. 

The new sensory technology will enhance the accuracy of inspections using ultrasonic pipeline sensors attached to "smart-pig" devices to better identify developing cracks as well as giving an improved overall snapshot of the condition of a pipeline.

With environmental pressure over the last few years, pipeline companies have been working to prevent more leaks, spills, and explosions that sporadically occurs with the construction of new oil and gas pipelines across the country.

"Proactive investments in innovation and technology like this are intended to add another layer of safety to our pipeline networks and, ultimately, benefit the industry as whole," said Enbridge’s vice president of pipeline integrity.

Houston Chronicle