Earthquake near Cushing, Oklahoma Results in Temporary Shutdown of Pipeline Operations

Reported areas that felt the earthquake on November 6, 2016. (  Earthquake Report  )

Reported areas that felt the earthquake on November 6, 2016. (Earthquake Report)

A magnitude 5 earthquake hit near Cushing, Oklahoma on Sunday and prompted the temporary shutdown of some pipeline operations near the site as a precaution.

Pipeline operators who have assets in the area said no operations were impacted as a result of the quake. Some of these operators include Magellan Midstream, Kinder Morgan, Enterprise Products Partners, and Phillips 66.

All pipeline companies that run intrastate pipelines and fall under the jurisdiction of Oklahoma Corporation Commission shut down operations following the quake as a precaution and to check the integrity of their assets.

As a result of the quake, some gas leaks occurred but have been contained and are no longer a threat, according to Jeremy Frazier, assistant city manager of Cushing, Oklahoma. Electricity, which had temporarily gone out in parts of Cushing, is nearly completely restored.

Cushing, Oklahoma, the delivery point for West Texas Intermediate crude, has experienced a sharp increase in earthquakes to the area since 2009, which was the same year oil companies started using fracking methods to retrieve oil and gas from deep rock layers and inject the resulting wastewater into ultra-deep disposal wells.

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