Dominion Responds to Public Concerns Over Atlantic Coast Pipeline

About 150 protestors gathered in Buckingham County, Virginia on Monday to raise concerns about Dominion’s proposal to construct a compressor station that would pump natural gas through its Atlantic Coast pipeline in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

Protestors spoke up at a public hearing in the county on Monday to discuss their concerns about possible compressor and pipeline leaks, pollution, explosions, and even noise levels of the proposed compressor station.

A spokesman for Dominion, Aaron Ruby, told the public that the company would be required to receive air quality permits which would keep emissions below regulatory limits. He also reminded the public that Virginia houses four large-diameter underground natural gas pipelines that run through Buckingham County and have operated safely for decades, adding detailed information about how the company regulates its pipelines 24/7.

In response to the noise concerns, Ruby noted that the compressor station will be required to stay at or below 55 decibels, which is roughly the same level of normal outside activity.

Due to the large showing of protestors, Buckingham County’s planning commission is extending its public hearing to October 17.

WVTF Public Radio