Dakota Access Pipeline Owners File Suit Against Protestors

dakota access pipeline owners file suit against protestors

Dakota Access pipeline developers filed suit against protestors in order to stop them from interfering with the pipeline project, claiming the safety of the construction workers and the guarding law enforcement are at risk.

The developers of the oil pipeline filed a lawsuit against members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other protestors. They are seeking restraining orders and monetary damages.

Among the protestors that developers filed suit against are those who were charged last week with disorderly conduct or criminal trespass at the pipeline construction site located at the North Dakota and South Dakota border.

According to the company’s court papers, the protestors “have created and will continue to create a risk of bodily injury and harm to Dakota Access employees and contractors, as well as to law enforcement personnel and other individuals at the construction site.”

The tribe, who filed suit against federal regulators last month for approving permits for the line, believe the project will disturb sacred sites and affect drinking water supply.

According to Dakota Access’ court papers, company workers have received threats and have had rocks and bottles thrown at them while on site.

Dakota Access says the protestors are causing delay of construction which could in turn cause their water permits to expire before they can complete construction.

ABC News