Dakota Access Buys Land Near Pipeline, Gains Control Over Part of Disputed Route

Dakota Access LLC purchased more than 6,000 acres of land next to the Dakota Access pipeline route in North Dakota, parts of land that are claimed by an American Indian tribe to house historical artifacts.

The transaction was reported Friday in North Dakota’s Forum News Service.

The land was sold to the company by David and Brenda Meyer, who have now given the company developing the controversial pipeline effective control over a disputed part of the route as federal pipeline regulators do not have authority over private land and therefore cannot stop pipeline construction on it.

The land now owned by Dakota Access LLC includes the location where protestors and the company were involved in a violent collision over construction of the pipeline. Protestors believe the pipeline would destroy burial grounds and contaminate water supply.

Parts of construction on the Dakota Access pipeline have been temporarily halted by the U.S. government, and permits are currently being reviewed.