Crews Stop Oil Spill in Ventura, California from Hitting Nearby Coast

Ventura, California Ariel View By WPPilot - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

A crude oil spill of 29,400 gallons from a broken pipeline in Ventura, California was spotted around 5:30am Thursday and stopped before the oil reached a nearby coast.

The broken pipeline belongs to Crimson Pipeline, who took responsibility for the spill in a regulatory filing. Officials are investigating the cause of the leak which has yet to be determined.

The pump where the oil was flowing was shut down within a few hours after the leak was spotted, and the oil was captured in an earth-filled dam about a quarter mile from the leak site.

Crude oil has coated rocks and creek beds, but total environmental damage from the spill has yet to be determined. Authorities have raised concerns about vapors and advised local residents to evacuate if they are sensitive to odors. No mandatory evacuations have been ordered.

Crews worked with hoses to suck the oil into trucks when the oil was accumulated in the dam after the spill.

This spill marks Crimson Pipeline’s 10th time in 10 years that it has had a pipeline rupture or fail, according to Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Times