City of Ventura Subpoenas Crimson Pipeline Oil Spill Records

Ariel view of Ventura, California

The city of Ventura is requiring it be given all records relating to the Crimson Pipeline oil spill that happened last month. Ventura wants all records of maintenance, repairs, and inspections relating to the pipeline by July 18. The city also wants information on the amount of oil spilled, the cleanup process, and what checks were made before the pipeline reopened.

"To protect the health, safety, and well-being of the city's residents and visitors, the city is conducting an investigation into the spill, cleanup efforts, and subsequent use of the pipeline," according to the legislative subpoena filed Friday. "This requires the production of records which are in the possession of Crimson Pipeline.”

Along with subpoenaing all records relating to the pipeline, Ventura has also requested immediate shutdown of pipeline. Just one week after the spill, Crimson reopened the pipeline in order to meet contractual obligations with companies waiting on the crude oil. As of Tuesday, the pipeline is still in operation.

Crimson said it would work to comply with the city’s requests but that parts of the court order would not be available, and other documents could only be provided by lead agency Fish and Wildlife.

Ventura City Attorney Gregory Diaz said the city will explore its options should Crimson not comply with the subpoena.

Ventura County Star