Cities Approve Lebanon Hills Pipeline to Cut through Wetlands

A proposed pipeline in Dakota County in Minnesota has received approvals from two cities to cross several wetlands in its route.

The approximately 8-mile pipeline project belonging to Northern Natural Gas will help to convert Xcel Energy’s Black Dog Power Plant in Burnsville from coal to natural gas.

The cities of Rosemount and Eagan signed off on the pipeline developer’s request to temporarily affect up to 11 wetlands combined in the cities, which should require no replacements and are unlikely to be affected long-term, according to the district manager for the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District Brian Watson.

Per the agreement signed with Northern Natural Gas, impacts of construction must only last up to 180 days.

Many locals are concerned about the pipeline path as it will cross through a “preserve zone” in Lebanon Hills Regional Park and could affect more than 400 landowners.

Construction on the pipeline is expected to begin in the spring of 2017. It is currently seeking approval from the Federal Energy Regulation Commission.

Star Tribune