Chairman, CEO of Energy Transfer to Stay on Texas Parks Board Despite Protests

Chairman and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners Kelcy Warren said he will remain in his appointed seat on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission despite demands from activists and environmentalists that he step down.

On Tuesday, several environmentalists protested at a parks commission meeting in Austin demanding that the man in charge of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, and Comanche Trail Pipeline step down from his seat on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission as his role as both a pipeline operator and environmentalist representative were a conflict of interest.

Warren said he supports practical environmentalism and builds "extremely safe" pipelines, which are safer than transporting oil by truck or rail.

Warren also noted that he is confident Energy Transfer will receive the final easement from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build the last section of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is expected to be completed by this year.

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