Canada's Additional Hearing Process Lends Credibility to Trans Mountain Decision

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said that Canadian Prime Minister’s additional review of the Trans Mountain pipeline project lends “credibility” to the final decision by giving more voices a chance to be heard regarding the pipeline’s construction.

Supporters and opponents of Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion have had opportunities all summer long to voice their opinions regarding the project to a government-appointed board that has been traveling to different cities to hold public meetings on the project.

Kinder Morgan’s $5.4 billion Trans Mountain expansion is planned to increase capacity from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day, increasing the amount of diluted bitumen flowing through the line to the Port of Vancouver. According to Kinder Morgan’s project website, the Trans Mountain pipeline system is the only pipeline system in North America that transports both crude oil and refined products to the west coast.

Minister Carr said that following the right process allows Canadians to be heard and puts the best interest of Canada at heart, despite how difficult it is to please everyone in difficult decisions like the pipeline system expansion.

Prime Minister Trudeau will make the final decision on the pipeline project, having to juggle opposition from groups who are concerned with oil spills and support from groups who said the project is necessary to get increased output from Canada’s oil sands to global markets via the Pacific Coast.

Kinder Morgan