Activist Groups Demand an Overhaul of Canada's Regulatory Board

Over 30 environmental and activist groups are demanding that the National Energy Board (NEB) be completely shut down and overhauled, according to a letter they sent to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The letter writes that no pipeline projects should continue until Trudeau reforms the NEB and that the board’s decision to approve the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project should be annulled.

The groups want a regulatory board that is completely objective, fair, and evidence-driven in its analyses of pipeline projects after arguing that the current board members are in a conflict of interest and that First Nations communities are not being properly consulted.

Trudeau had promised in his 2015 campaign to regain the public’s confidence in the NEB process by increasing consultations with aboriginal groups and giving more legitimacy to pipeline reviews.

Protestors argue that Trudeau has not been entirely true to his promises, claiming his administration has been reviewing pipeline projects without going through the modernized process they had originally devoted to.

The NEB review of the expansion of Trans Mountain Pipeline is currently on hold after protestors stormed in on and disturbed a public hearing in Montreal in late August, causing the public hearing to be cancelled.

Financial Post